r188 full ceramic Bearing

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R188 Full Ceramic Bearing 1/4 x 1/2 x 1/8 Inch: Deep GrooveSingle row bearing for supporting radial loads; Zirconia oxide ceramic for low friction, high hardness, density, and shock tolerance, and resistance to chemicals, R188 Full Ceramic Bearings - Ortech CeramicsR188 Full Ceramic Bearings are made entirely of ceramic material . Ceramic is the perfect material for any application where high temperatures and corrosive 
Full Ceramic R188 at Boca BearingsFull Ceramic R188 found in: R188-PP/TP/C2 Z/S #5 K24AZ, R188-PP/TP/C3 Z/S #5 AF2, FIG-R188-PP/TP/C3 Z/S #5 LD, R188-LL T9/C3 #3 LD ZRO2, &hellipR188 Bearing in Ceramic Hybrid or Stainless Steel, 10-ballReplacement bearings for your R188 fidget spinners and toys.  or Chrome races to prevent rust Available with Si3N4 Ceramic, Stainless Steel,  Full CeramicTTLET R188 Full Ceramic Bearing | Free Shipping |Pure Ceramic Bearing.Great replacement for R188 Steel bearing. Zirconia Ceramic Housing and cage, balls, all of them made of Ceramic. Deep groove